Data & Advanced Analytics

Unissant provides Data and Advanced Analytics solutions that empower our clients to meet their business goals. We provide integrated solutions that are secure, easy to use and provide proactive decision-making capabilities that deliver valuable and actionable insights.

Agile Engineering & DevSecOps

Unissant’s agile engineering and development services support the ever-growing demands of short time-boxed development cycles and release cycles to get increasingly complex and functional software into the hands of the stakeholders thereby driving overall operational efficiencies and allowing for on-time, on-budget delivery.

IT Modernization

The core of our modernization and transformation practices is to work with CIOs and decision makers in upgrading or adopting new technology systems, platforms and software solutions to meet the needs of today’s complex computing environment enabling more uptime, faster fixes, increased response times and improved end-user experience.

Cloud Services

Working with our customers, Unissant leverages their investments in cloud computing and accelerates their adoption of cloud-based solutions to advance their mission. We offer a range of services from design to implementation including consultation, cloud readiness assessment, architecture, design, migration strategy and implementation, security, supporting tools assessment and selection and change management.

Cyber Security

Today’s cybersecurity landscape evolves daily. Unissant Cybersecurity Services (UCS) stays abreast and ahead of the rapid-threat landscape that our customers face each day.  Our team understands that any weaknesses in our customers’ information-security program can be exploited and can severely jeopardize their reputation and/or financial health.