At the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Unissant is transforming both infrastructure and applications by migrating to the Cloud. The decommission of the on-premise datacenter resulted in significant cost savings while enhancing performance and security.

Unissant provides end-to-end Cloud solutions at each phase of an organization’s transformation journey. Our cloud transformation strategy consists of taking a holistic view of the existing IT infrastructure and tailoring a solution based on the organization’s needs. By choosing the right migration strategy for each application in the portfolio and executing the corresponding framework, we complete the cloud migration and deployment process. After that we provide continuous support, innovating and optimizing solutions to benefit the organization. And we stay on top of evolving stringent compliance requirements from regulatory agencies, ensuring those requirements are met in cloud solutions.


Cloud Readiness Assessment (CRA):

Many organizations are not completely ready to adopt a cloud computing model immediately. This activity addresses their state of readiness and identifies steps that can be taken to become “ready.” A Unissant team meets with the customer stakeholders and their designated representatives to get additional clarification on the Business Case, basic understanding of the environment, organization’s operating model, skills available within the organization, dependency on external agencies, degree of autonomy of the IT organization, security and compliance requirements, budget and schedule constraints, high level view of the application portfolio and performance requirements. Using Unissant’s CRA framework, we use these findings to guide our next steps and the development of a Cloud Readiness Planning document that will clearly define the path forward including the next steps, execution plan and roles and responsibilities.


Initial Discovery:

Unissant uses the data from the CRA to conduct an in-depth analysis of the customer’s environment to guide the team on validating and expanding the findings from the CRA task and the cloud migration strategy. By leveraging automated discovery tools provided by AWS and other vendors to understand customer’s technical objectives and constraints, Unissant will get a complete understanding of the customer’s existing portfolio of applications, servers, performance, network connectivity, security posture and other infrastructure related details.


Migration Strategy and Implementation:

As there is no one-size-fits-all approach for cloud migration and deployment, Unissant’s process relies on the CRA and Initial Discovery to develop a unique migration strategy for the customer. It consists of choosing the right migration strategy for each application in the portfolio and executing the corresponding framework.  Using Unissant discovery framework, Unissant will recommend and implement one or a combination of the six most common application migration strategies, known as the 6 R’s: Rehosting, Replatforming, Repurchasing, Refactoring, Retire and Retain.


Cloud/Hybrid Architecture:

Unissant develops architectures based on AWS best practices in alignment with customer requirements. Sometimes adopting a completely cloud native architecture might not be best strategy for companies or agencies because of legacy systems, highly sensitive data or compliance requirements. Unissant has experience in designing hybrid architectures and cloud native architectures tailored based on customer requirements.


Cloud Security & ATO support:

Security is one of the major concerns that organizations have while moving to cloud. Unissant’s cloud architecture ensures the cloud environment is fully secure by ensuring that proper Logging and Monitoring is in place, designing and implementing a data encryption solution for data at rest and data in transit, key management and a scalable authorization and authentication system. Authority to Operate (ATO) is crucial for government agencies. Unissant has experience in assessing, enabling and preparing the environment for ATO assessment. Our team works closely with the client team and identifies the gaps in controls for various compliance requirements such as FedRAMP and recommends/implements controls to address them.


Workload Migration:

Unissant’s approach to workload migration ensures that workload migration happens with minimal down time. At high-level, Unissant’s workload migration tasks includes Designing the Production Architecture, Deploying the Cloud Environment (Landing Zone(s)), Installing and Configuring Applications, Hardening the production environment, Executing Mock Migration and Production Cloud Migration.


Post Migration Activities:

One of the goals of Unissant’s migration process is to empower clients to be self-sufficient in adopting the new computing paradigm and help them quickly adopt to new roles. Unissant will review all the documentation and hold training sessions to familiarize the staff with the new environment. We will update the RACI chart to reflect our new “Consultative” role after the transition and will work with the customer’s IT Team to ensure that appropriate tools are in place and configured correctly to monitor and collect the metrics needed to analyze resource utilization and optimization.