Annual Award Nomination Form

Each year we are proud to recognize employees for distinction and contributions to the company. When we all come together to celebrate our collective accomplishments and the spirit of the season, we offer special thanks and congratulations to our teammates whose work and contributions stand out.

Every full-time employee is eligible to receive an award—no matter how long or short a time you have been with the company.

There are five categories of awards; two recipients for each category:

Operational Excellence (HQ & Programs)

Customer Service Excellence (HQ & Programs)

Innovation Excellence (HQ & Programs)

Employee of the Year

Delivery Team of the Year


 You may submit a total of four nominations, each in a separate category.
All nominations are due by January 3rd, 2020. 


Enter first and last name
Enter first and last name
Enter the award category you would like to nominate the employee for.

How did your nominee:

  • Influence positive change and culture?
  • Exemplify corporate values and competencies above and beyond?
  • Ensure consistent and thorough engagement across project teams and/or Diversity and Inclusion?
  • Demonstrate client and/or corporate governance?
  • Contribute continuously to company growth?
  • Delight our client(s)?
  • Contribute to substantial cost savings for project(s) and/or the company?
  • Demonstrate significant Innovation in a particular area(s)?


If you would like to recognize your nominee(s) in other areas—or for a specific project, please just include it in your explanation. The explanation section must be at least one (1) paragraph or five (5) bullets.

Please give us a brief description as to why you are nominating this individual for this category. Explanation for nominee: (Why, When, What, How)