What We Do



The core of our approach is the ability to tailor our solutions to meet your business needs. Data Management & Advanced Analytics encompasses many facets of data management discipline, from data governance and data quality to data lakes and cognitive intelligence. It is broad and no organization will have all capabilities. At Unissant, we provide a holistic framework, then work with our clients to develop execution plans that will meet their business objectives. Our goal is to provide insight and to quantify the risks and benefits associated with solutions to complex business problems.


Our engagements draw on the experience and expertise of our data management and analytics consultants to provide insight and advice to clients, using techniques such as maturity model assessments, data lakes, artificial intelligence, process simulation and optimization, data mining and segmentation, predictive modeling and statistical analysis.


Unissant’s Data Management & Advanced Analytics (DMAA) services, which are driven by our proprietary DMAA Framework delivers results in manageable, iterative projects that deliver quick, tangible results. Our data services provide our clients with a holistic approach to source, integrate, enrich, and share vital information across an enterprise. The goal of every project is to increase our customer’s ability to harness the power of information.


Unissant excels at quickly and correctly analyzing data, reporting, analyzing business needs, and implementing the appropriate technologies to meet our client’s requirements. Our experts have implemented solutions with the latest software tools in the market covering ETL, BI, DQ, MDM, and Data Visualization on traditional, data appliance, and Cloud platform environments. We provide tool evaluation services for client’s looking to leverage off-the shelf software and drive the deployment and integration life-cycle.


Sub Focus Areas
Data Management
At the core of any data solution, the basic data management capabilities need to be considered. In order to better utilize and manage your information, you must first understand it. Understanding your data is more than just defining an inventory of terms and definitions, it also includes capturing and aligning the rules that control its quality, structure, and access; discovering how information flows amongst processes and systems; and determining a common vocabulary across stakeholder groups. Our team brings a structured approach to capturing and normalizing data requirements and semantics across stakeholder groups while allowing linkage back to individual business units. Unissant provides services across various data management disciplines, such as, Data Governance, Data Quality, Metadata Management, Master Data Management, Data Architecture and Data Migration & Conversion activities.


Data Governance

  • Data Strategy Definition, Data Management Maturity Assessments, Enterprise Data Standards and Policy Formulation, Training, Compliance and Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Advisory Services


Data Quality (DQ)

  • Tool Architecture & Implementation, Data Profiling, DQ Risk Assessments, DQ Controls and DQ Improvement Programs


Metadata Management

  • Tool Architecture & Implementation, Business Terms Dictionary, Business to Physical Mapping services, Data Lineage Discovery, Semantics Alignment and Data Classification


Master Data Management

  • Tool Architecture & Implementation, Business Entity Mapping, Survivorship Rules and Governance Processes


Data Architecture

  • Enterprise Data Architecture, Conceptual Modeling, Logical & Physical Modeling and Dimensional Modeling


Data Migration & Conversion

  • Data Migration & Conversion Strategy, Source Exploration, Requirements Development, Plan & Execution

Data Infrastructure
The exponential growth in data is here to stay. Driven by the proliferation of devices, emerging channels of data creation and consumption; the volume, velocity and variety of data that organizations need to analyze is changing rapidly. Uncovering insights from this data requires effective aggregation, integration, validation, and cleaning techniques. It extends beyond the change of technology landscape to include analytical processes, methodologies, and workflows aimed at generating the right insights that accelerate real-time business value.


Unissant provides services to our clients that enable them to leverage any sunk costs in their legacy data infrastructure, while modernizing and leveraging the value of the latest technology. We provide a variety of services across 3 core areas: Enterprise Data Integration, Data Infrastructure and Data Security/Protection.


Enterprise Data Integration

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based data integration & delivery patterns; Extract, Transform & Load (ETL): data integration, transformation & batch load patterns; Extract, Load & Transform (ELT): data extract, load and transform patterns; Unstructured Data Patterns, such as, Data Ingestion, Modeling and Indexing for use in Big Data/Hadoop solutions


Data Technology & Infrastructure

  • Design, develop, and deploy various data storage patterns, such as, Operational Data Stores, Data Warehouses and Data Marts
  • Design, develop, deploy and support large repositories (Big Data/Hadoop) for high volume, various formats (variety) and high speed/throughput (velocity) for various delivery patterns, such as, Warehouse Offload, Research & Analytics, Pre-Processing/Landing Zone, etc…


Data Security/ Protection

  • Security Assessments, Data Masking, Data Encryption, Backup & Recovery/DR

Advanced Analytics
Unissant enables organizations to conceptualize and drive a well thought out analytics program across multiple domains and focus areas, which enable them to achieve the twin objectives of revenue maximization and increasing operational efficiency. On one hand, we enable organizations to get the right customer insights leading to newer revenue sources through cross sell and up-sell, and on the other, we help them plug revenue leakages and detect fraud thereby driving profitability. Through a comprehensive set of advanced analytic solutions straddling across the spectrum from basic business intelligence and data visualization cognitive intelligence. Our services cover 4 areas of analytics: Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence, Cognitive Intelligence and Data Visualization.


Advanced Analytics

  • Tool Architecture & Implementation, Data Mining, Data Science, Predictive Analytics and Statistical Analysis


Business Intelligence

  • Tool Architecture & Implementation, Metrics Definition, Standard Report Development and Dashboard Development


Cognitive Intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Neural Networks


Data Visualization

  • Tool Architecture & Implementation, Business Data Analysis and Visual Map


Agile Engineering is certainly not a new concept and DevOps is growing in popularity, so how should organizations think about incorporating these techniques into their environment? The first item to consider is culture. Implementing Agile & DevOps is all about changing the culture of an organization. In some cases, organizations may not be ready to embrace the change-that is just a fact. If you are uncertain as to whether or not your organization is ready-either for Agile Transformation or DevOps, we recommend conducting a maturity assessment to baseline your capabilities. This assessment will provide a foundation that you can then build your execution plan against to achieve iterative successes, while transforming the underlying culture.


Your organization can certainly implement Agile Engineering without DevOps, but definitely can’t implement DevOps without Agile Engineering. Unissant provides services in both areas of discipline to provide the most flexibility to our clients. We also work with leading Agile & DevOps platform vendors so that we can provide end-to-end integrated solutions for our clients.

Sub Focus Areas
Agile Engineering
Unissant offers several services to assist organizations implement Agile Engineering capabilities, Agile Development Services and Agile Transformation Services. We believe that focusing on people and process, while bringing in the right technologies to manage the agile development process provide the best success for our clients. Our comprehensive approach focuses on the roles, processes and artifacts needed throughout the development cycle, with an emphasis on collaboration.


Unissant delivers not only Agile Development & Engineering Services to our clients, but we also focus on Agile Transformation. We work with organizations that have a desire to embrace Agile practices, but are still developing using a waterfall methodology. We focus on not only identifying the right projects to leverage Agile, but also providing assistance in deploying the right skills, tools & processes to be successful. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure their success.

As many organizations have implemented Agile, they are finding inefficiency in how quickly they can deploy their releases to production. While efficiency was realized in the development process using Agile, the need to focus on gaining efficiency in the entire development and operations processes becomes a critical success factor to building truly efficient delivery & deployment processes


DevOps is about:

  • A culture of continuous improvement to quickly learn and adapt
  • Increased Collaboration between Operations & Development Teams
  • Improved flow of information and feedback from operations & development teams
  • Extreme focus on automation of tools and processes



The value that DevOps brings to an organization is significant, not only in delivering business value faster but also in delivering real cost savings for an organization. Some specific benefits are:

  • Reduces Backlog in IT Ops
  • Accelerates Time to Market
  • Delivers Agility
  • Delivers Service Quality
  • High Quality Product Delivery
  • Transforms a Culture


At Unissant, our approach focuses on 3 key concepts: Continuous Delivery, Continuous Provisioning and Continuous Security with a targeted emphasis on the following characteristics: Communication, Collaboration, Transparency & Automation. Unissant delivers DevOps services to our clients using an integrated approach across people, process and technology. We leverage our vendor partnerships to provide the best solution for our clients.


Please reach out to us directly to hear more about our capabilities and how we can make you successful in your Agile Engineering & DevOps initiatives.


The world is getting increasingly digital every day, and this is driving organizations to digitize business processes and models. However, the process of digitization is challenging and complex. Even those who have already undertaken a plethora of digital transformation initiatives have to focus on multiple facets to stay on top of their game. In order to keep competition at bay, businesses have to guarantee customer satisfaction, acquire customer loyalty with value added services, boost revenue and profit figures, and use technological disruptions to their advantage.


With extensive experience in understanding and transforming the digital space, Unissant is the right choice for organizations embarking on a digital transformation journey. Regardless of the current stage of your transformation journey, we have the required knowledge, processes, expertise and technology to help you accelerate towards being a digital enterprise.

Sub Focus Areas
Smart Enterprise

Driven by accurate insights about customers as well as internal processes. On one hand, it involves using data to gain customer insights through big data analytics, and using these insights to drive personalization and loyalty management. On the other hand, it involves streamlining operational processes, optimizing supply chain and inventory through predictive forecasting and management techniques, and having the right set of processes and infrastructure. While agile processes govern the way the organization moves, the underlying platform is cutting-edge and cost-effective through usage of cloud technologies, mobility and software defined networking techniques.

Secure Infrastructure
Encompasses the entire spectrum of advisory, transformation and managed security concepts. While the advisory space is highlighted by areas including cloud security, the transformation space is marked by governance, risk and compliance (GRC), and identity and threat management disciplines. Managed security forms a key aspect by focusing on vulnerability management, malware protection, and security event management.
Connected Enterprise
Provides consistent and uniform availability of customer information across all touch-points aiding customer conversions, retention, and augmented sales. This is achieved through an omni-channel view of the customer, driven effectively through multi-channel integration across mobile, social, and web.The communication channels in such an enterprise are unified and make use of new age technologies like machine to machine communications.

Unissant’s management consulting solutions provide valuable, independent advisory services to technology teams across all of our market verticals. We advise our clients on issues of strategy, process, technology, and operating design and execution.

Sub Focus Areas
Strategic Planning
Unissant applies government and industry standards to the operational activities and mission of an organization to achieve a strategic approach and plan by partnering with specific government and industry resources. Bench-marking is a useful tool by which to accomplish the goals and objectives of the business process improvement efforts within the functional areas of the enterprise. Unissant’s goal is to utilize experienced executives partnering with the best and brightest talent to create achievable policy objectives for growth and development over the long term.
Business Process Transformation & Business Process Optimization
Companies and agencies are faced with increasing pressure from legislative and corporate stakeholders to reduce operational costs without diminishing the delivery of robust IT services, while continuing to provide higher levels of service performance and quality. By improving service support using IT Service Management (ITSM) best practices, IT service management costs can be reduced significantly, including service desk, incident management, problem management, change management, configuration management, and asset management.
Program & Portfolio Management

Successful program and project management takes strong leadership skills and experience from people and teams that have succeeded in taking projects to completion regardless of the situation. A set of strong processes and tools also helps the project manager and project team to succeed.


Unissant is a CMMI level-3 certified company that places a holistic, company-wide approach and emphasis on top quality PMMethodologyproject management and solution delivery practices.  This emphasis on quality and thoroughness starts with project initiation and continues through the entire project life-cycle.  Our software delivery approach, however, is not one size fits all.  Our approach contains a tailoring mechanism that takes into account risk, budget, and timelines in determining the appropriate level of controls and quality assurance, while simultaneously making these decisions transparent to stakeholders.  This sets expectations appropriately, keeps parties informed, and promotes a collaborative partnering spirit from project outset.


Our project and program managers are schooled in Project Management Institute (PMI) best practices and are comfortable following the Unissant project delivery methodology and artifact  library, or can easily adopt our client methodologies.  They utilize proven experience and methodologies to deliver IT solutions that meet the business technology needs of our clients.   Our Project Managers understand the value of building partnerships with our clients and fostering collaboration and cooperation between sponsor and stakeholders groups.  This is accomplished through various communication techniques that aim to keep all parties informed and that drive to consensus and buy-in as rapidly as possible.  Finally, our Project Managers understand the typical risks that change initiatives and system delivery projects tend to have, and they possess a set of experienced-based mitigation techniques that can reduce the probability and severity of those risks.  They also have the resources to reach back into the Unissant team of executives and other PM’s to gather ideas and suggestions, when needed.  When you work with a Unissant project team, you are hiring the entire Unissant company and the set of institutional knowledge and experience that we hold.


Program Management Office (PMO)


Unissant’s project management services include providing expertise in project management to ensure that projects fulfill their given set of requirements and achieve their overall objectives. This includes on-site project management and the development and implementation of a project management office (PMO).


Some of the tasks involved in the development and implementation of a PMO include:

  • Utilizing a Program Management Plan (PMP) to describe turn-key PMO solutions in addition to processes and quality assurance steps to ensure that the PMO seamlessly integrates with key initiatives and other critical environmental touch points.
  • Develop solutions for integrating the PMO reporting and monitoring tools, which include the development of a concept of operations, roles and responsibility matrix, organizational structure, and status reporting.
  • Establishing and implementing standard policies and procedures based on industry best practices for use by various IT programs. Examples include Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), Control Objectives for Information and related Technology (COBIT), Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), and Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).
  • Supporting various enterprise-level program management tasks including the creation of executive dashboards and reporting on projects to governance bodies and senior staff.
  • Promoting the success of projects by enhancing the maturity of IT Managers throughout a project lifecycle by providing guidance and best practices training.


Specific areas of focus by Unissant while implementing a PMO include:

  • Organizational management and compliance
  • Program management disciplines
  • Quality and continuous improvement
  • Valuation and performance
  • Technology management

Our Frameworks

Unissant frameworks are an organized collection of knowledge placed into structured process modules and phases.

Unissant frameworks are an organized collection of knowledge placed into structured process modules and phases. These knowledge assets cover people, process, information, and platform (technology) dimensions and are incorporated into solution practice area methodologies such as Data Warehousing; Business Intelligence; Data Governance and Quality; and Software Delivery Project Management.


A summary of the types of assets found in our framework library is provided below:


What Why (Benefits)
Step-by-Step Process Flow and Instructions Jump-starts the planning process and ensures critical tasks are accounted for
Templates and Forms Provides structure, repeatability, consistency, and efficiency
Pre-defined Content Menu Jump-starts the requirements process and leverages best practices
Best Practices and Guidance Helps clients and project resources understand the rationale and lessons learned
Tool Evaluation, Rating Grids, and Pre-Existing Research Structured, informed approach to selecting the right technology for the client’s budget, infrastructure, and competency profile

A menu of process steps, practices, and templates allows our teams to hit the ground running and deliver measurable results in 60-120 day mini-projects. Our frameworks provide a consistent roadmap and implementation approach that reduces variability and risk. Our processes are flexible and are easily tailored to meet your organization’s unique business, organizational, and systems needs.


Every Unissant consultant is immersed in our solution delivery framework process from Day One. First, our people undergo rigorous training to learn our methodology and practice areas, with deep dives into their particular skill and assignment domains. Second, each project receives rigorous oversight to ensure that all of our teams consistently apply and leverage our time-tested processes, tools, and techniques. Finally, our consultants provide feedback and content in a cycle of continuous improvement and learning. As a result, our methodologies and best practices are fresh, relevant, and complete.

What Solution Area Frameworks are Available?


Unissant has three primary solution areas:


  • Information Management
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Emerging Solutions


Our frameworks span each of these practice areas with our deepest, most expansive content within the Information Management domain.  These practice area frameworks use our standard “D4” approach: Discover, Design, Develop, and Deploy, and cover topics such as Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Data Governance, Data Quality, and Data Management. We have developed operating models, policies, and processes that are proven, repeatable, and scalable.

In addition, our certification as a CMMI DEV 1.2 Maturity Level 3 company further demonstrates our commitment to consistent, quality software delivery practices.