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We work with financial institutions to help them adapt and prepare their businesses for market changes shaped by evolving digital technologies, dynamic consumer preferences, increasing competition, and changing regulations.
Sub Focus Areas
Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC)
Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)

Over the past decade, the finance industry has seen an unparalleled surge in regulatory requirements, forcing organizations to develop new methods for managing oversight and governance, risk, and compliance. At an enterprise level, regulators demand more transparency and expect financial agencies and institutions to adapt quickly and implement new IT and business process controls to reduce risk for their customers and taxpayers. In many cases, the dynamic regulatory environment creates significant challenges for organizations to understand and implement controls that are both compliant and cost-effective.


Unissant delivers cohesive GRC frameworks that provide proactive governance and risk and performance monitoring across your business. Our GRC solutions are based on 3 pillars: 1) Governance, 2) Risk, and 3) Compliance. 


Governance: Performs the oversight role and the process by which companies manage and mitigate business risks to promote financial viability, transparency, and accountability. Examples of our governance services include: Corporate Model Evaluation, Corporate Model Remediation, and Governance Performance Monitoring.


Risk: Enables an organization to determine its risk tolerance, assess applicable business and regulatory risks, define strategies and controls, implement and optimize controls, and monitor mitigation actions in an organized manner. Examples of our risk management services include: Strategic Entity Level Risk Assessment, Alignment of Strategic and Entity Level Risks with Operational Controls, Development of Risk Mitigation, and Risk Monitoring. 


Compliance: Ensures that an organization has the internal policies, automated and business process controls, and reporting capabilities to comply with business and regulatory requirements such as SOX, HIPAA, and OMB Circular A-123. Examples of our compliance services include: Internal Control Matrix Development, Control Evaluation and Monitoring, Segregation of Duty (SOD) Matrix Development, Analysis and Access Monitoring, Regulatory and Legislation Compliance Development, and Maintenance, Compliance Observance, and Monitoring.


As needed, we partner with other organizations that have expertise in specific laws, regulations, and technology providers. Contact us for more information.

Business Analytics
Business Analytics


With the downturn of the financial market in 2008, many institutions now understand the importance of information management and the analytics that will help them make better business decisions.


The focus today is on managing risk, understanding customers and the markets, and being able to predict any changes. Proactive management of information is critical to an organization’s success. Most organizations are moving from a reactive, report driven environment, to a predictive, proactive analytics environment. Advances in technology now allow organizations to assess risk exposure in real-time, across various facets of information within their organization. Analytics solutions may encompass predictive analytics, social media analytics, and self-service analytics to provide views across both structured and unstructured content.


Unissant develops predictive models and analytics that focus on critical business components, such as profitability analysis, customer sentiment, credit and market risk management, and fraud detection. Unissant leverages its comprehensive Information Management Framework and its state-of-the-art Innovation Center to develop solutions that help organizations transition from reactive to proactive reporting, analytics, and management.


Unissant implements business analytics solutions using the following components: Information Management, Innovative Technology, and Predictive Analytics.


Information Management: Business Analytics are only as good as the underlying data an organization collects. In order to have value, the data and information must be trustworthy, accurate, reliable, and governed. Basic information management practices, such as data quality and governance are essential to the implementation of effective analytic solutions. Examples of our Information Management services include: Data Quality Assessments, Data Quality Controls and Monitoring, Data Policies and Procedures, Data Governance Programs, and Data Definition and Standardization.


Innovative Technology: Because each organization has its own business challenges, leveraging the right technology is fundamental to solving complex business problems. Unissant believes in assessing and leveraging your existing technology and, where necessary, recommending additional options. In our experience, companies may not fully leverage their existing tools and technologies. Our approach to problem-solving is based on understanding an organization’s business process, the scope of the problem, and, whenever possible, to leverage existing infrastructure to maximize ROI and remediate issues. Examples of our innovative technology services include: Data Architecture Assessments, Technology Recommendations, Proof of Concept Development, and Technology Implementations.


Predictive Analytics: To implement intuitive predictive analytics, an organization must have high quality data, defined business scenarios, and key performance metrics. Based on the organization’s needs, there may be multiple analytic solutions. Examples of our proactive analytic services include: Key Performance Metrics Definition, Trusted Source and Lineage Analysis, Reporting and Analytics Tool Assessments and Recommendations, and Analytics Development.


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Business Process Re-Engineering
Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

Unissant believes sound business processes are critical to any organization’s success. We assist organizations identify and improve business processes that result in greater value for the organization.


Delivering business process improvement solutions to the financial services industry is one of our primary specialties. Our leadership team has over 100 years of experience in financial services, working across both the primary and secondary mortgage markets and providing solutions to leading financial institutions. Our in-depth understanding of financial services and BPR frameworks allows us to expedite the delivery of business process management and re-engineering solutions.


Many financial institutions have fragmented business processes that are expensive, impede operational effectiveness, and delay the ability to respond to customer demands in market changes. Based on our clients’ needs, we develop solutions that range from streamlining and optimizing legacy processes to creating new business processes that ensure our clients’ goals and objectives are met.


Examples of our business process re-engineering services include: Business Strategy Assessment and Recommendations, Current State Business Process Analysis, Critical Process Decompositions, Business Process Accountability Assessments, and Business Process Re-engineering (To-Be Recommendations).


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We are committed to improving the health, wellness, and patient care of our nation and we are committed to helping your business improve through the application of emerging technology, and grow in a time of dramatic change and transformation.
Sub Focus Areas
Big Data & Advanced Analytics
Unissant’s inception as b.i. methods in 2006 was a result of the founder’s enhanced reputation in data strategy, warehousing, and quality; information classification and management; and business intelligence. Unissant has since aligned with key partners in advanced analytics, including Splunk, Tableau Software, and SAS. For the Healthcare Operations Directorate at the Defense Health Agency, Unissant is providing program, project and analytical support to the Pharmacy Operations Division. With advanced analytics becoming a key value in improving the quality of care and reducing healthcare costs, Unissant is continually prototyping data mashups that will provide insights for our customers.


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Medical & Health Applications
Combining our quality process rigor exemplified by our CMMI Level III certification with a keen focus on agile development, Unissant develops and modernizes medical and health applications.  Today’s Electronic Health (Medical) Records are a consolidation of often dozens and dozens of multiple functional modules and applications and Unissant is bringing its expertise to modernize legacy modules and applications and integrate them with existing and emerging information flows.


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Emerging Health Solutions
Unissant recognizes that innovation drives transformation. Nowhere is this more evident than in healthcare.  At the root of much of this innovation is data. Digital technologies transform how healthcare organizations communicate and collaborate with stakeholders. Mobile applications and Internet of Things (IoT) create new models for the transmission of data that is actionable. RTLS and RFID applications provide tracking (data) capabilities that improves operational efficiency. Unissant continues to create and seek innovation that supports our clients.


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Healthcare Transformation
Organizations need help in managing and transforming the business of healthcare amidst rapid technology advances. Unissant utilizes its rigorous process methodologies in program and project management to reduce operational risk and enhance our client’s ability to achieve program and project success.


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Whether it’s modernizing and protecting government infrastructure or delivering better services to citizens, we help public sector organizations fulfill their missions and make the most of their resources.
Sub Focus Areas
Ensuring Mission Success
Unissant works with Federal civilian agencies to help improve performance, enhance efficiency, and achieve their missions. Our services include:
  • Fulfilling organization’s goals to strategically select and migrate to a shared service model that meets their unique needs.
  • Delivering the latest technological solutions to help mitigate risks while protecting against cyber threats.


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Program and Portfolio Management
Unissant’s PMO Support Services focus on the anatomy of successful business operations; how the parts of your organization work with each other and with technology. From strategic analysis of a potential project to training your staff, we focus on getting real results for our clients through successful project execution.

Our PMO Support services include:

  • Program Support
  • Studies & Analysis
  • Training
  • Knowledge Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)
  • Quality Control and Assurance


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Human Resources (HR) Analytics
Human Resources (HR) Analytics enable organizations to use their wealth of employee data to make better decisions about their workforce and improve operational performance. From attracting top talent, to accurately forecasting future staffing needs or improving employee satisfaction, HR analytics tools empower organizations to align HR metrics with strategic business goals.

Unissant’s HR Analytics services can help you:


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Unissant’s national security efforts reach across all defense agencies to ensure our soldiers are better protected and trained. We assist our customers in developing new technologies for the future.
Sub Focus Areas
Joint System Command Support
Unissant supports various Joint and Combatant Commands develop, test, install, and train on Information Fusion applications. Whether in planning sessions or on the battlefield, as a Joint Systems Integration, Interoperability, and Experimentation Support provider, we enable collection, analysis, and dissemination of data for an effective warfighter.


Engineering of Secure Interoperable Systems

Unissant supports various Joint and Combatant Commands to develop, test, install, and train on Information Fusion applications used for planning, synchronization, and support services worldwide.


Continuous Delivery and DevOps

We use leading DevOps features like Continuous Integration, Continuous Quality Analysis, Continuous Testing, and Continuous Delivery to facilitate real-time collaboration, enhance quality, and application performance.


Information Assurance Management (IAM)

We have supported IAM activities for DoD national security programs since 2009. We provide full IA life-cycle support and security engineering to help our clients achieve better governance, effective control, easier compliance, and more effective use of information.


Security Analysis

Unissant’s Security Analysis capabilities are based on a three-pronged approach encompassing Traffic Analysis, Event and Threat Analysis, and Threat Mitigation. Our expertise includes: Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA), Personally Identifiable Information (PII) protection, Information Technology Contingency Plans (ITCP), and System of Records Notice (SORN).


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Protecting the Warfighter
Maintaining situational and information dominance in a complex and polarized budget environment is the norm today. We leverage a streamlined and innovative approach to software development using the latest technologies—including cybersecurity capabilities. In addition, we offer a streamlined operational environment to facilitate planning, synchronization, and support services to meet the needs of the warfighter on the battlefield.


Information Dominance through Advanced Analytics

Unissant delivers state-of-the art information management and analytic services for Joint Systems Integration, Interoperability, and Experimentation Support. Our expertise includes:


Modeling and Simulation

Modeling, simulation, and visualization services to facilitate prototyping, testing, development, and decision support.


Information Management and Analytics

Information Management and Analytics capabilities that provide accurate, reliable, and timely information and insights: Governance; Data Quality; Data Visualization; Analytics, and Data management.


Data Interoperability

We leverage data exchange schematics and standards that enable data sharing regardless of the application, platform or semantic.


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Mission Assurance
Mission assurance is the cornerstone of Unissant’s success in supporting the government and DoD.  We leverage project and program management principles and best practices—in conjunction with systems engineering processes—from concept to deployment. Our Mission Assurance solutions provide reliable information that reduces operational risk and enhances mission success.


Mission Assurance for Operational Success

Unissant supports the DoD from concept development to operational success. We ensure mission success by providing trustworthy information and support that reduces operational risk. We offer:


Security Assessment and Auditing Services

Our Security Assessment and Auditing Services (SAAS) provide comprehensive situational awareness to protect a Common Operating Environment (COE). Our services include Threat Surveillance and Governance Risk and Compliance for incident and threat management, vulnerability scans for Security Operations, and firewall management and data forensics.


Consolidation of Assets

Unissant guides our customers through the consolidation of assets, in accordance with both Better Buying Power and other Pentagon IT initiatives. In addition, we conduct Consolidation Studies for applications and/or infrastructure to reduce risk and save costs


Enterprise Optimization

Unissant helps organizations across the DoD enhance operational efficiencies through Efficiency Studies and Enterprise Roadmaps that are aligned with the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) and the Future Years Defense Program (FYDP). We also offer Workforce Analytics Solutions to help our customers maximize limited resources.


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